BMS Electric vehicle
Battery management system - BMS

Battery management system BMS. This device is applicable for energy saving systems both in electrical vehicles and home systems. Chemical technologies of balancing batteries: LiFePo4, Li-pol, Li-Grephene. Using BMS for electric vehicle The battery management system is widespread in converting conventional cars into EV electric cars, hybrids, electric trucks, electric elevators, golf carts and all kinds of […]

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Plug-in hybrid battery EV electric vehicle
Plug-in hybrid battery kit

Plug-in hybrid battery : Prius, Auris, Yaris hybrid (HEV). Plug-in hybrid battery kit is System to extend the range of electric hybrid cars brand Toyota and Lexus HEV. Features of the system. – 10kWh capacity of extra battery – Maximum speed in EV mode 100 km / h – Maximum range in urban 60 km […]

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charge station
Charging Station

Station for electric vehicle charging System functionality Wireless checking RFID Counting energy consumption Charging plug locking Maximum current 16A LCD display Stainless body

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Welcome in Skedtechnology

Skedtechnology is focused on developing of battery management systems-BMS, products related to electric cars, ecology, energy efficiency and renewable sources energy control.

BMS is designed to work with different type of lithium technology batteries. The system offers many and various solutions for any customer, either electric vehicles, home energy saving systems or other applications. The interactive control module offers simple and dynamic energy amount evaluation and the specification of your system. The compact 3,2” LCD display offers easy and convenient assembling of control module on easily accessible places.

Considering the revolution of modern electric vehicles technology, Skedtechnology has developed a product that brings together mobility and smooth moving. A charging station provided for any conditions mounting, offers an infrastructure problem’s solution, related to the electric cars anyplace and anytime charging. Equipped with wireless card for authorizing on charging, the station finds application on parking, supermarkets, parking zones, on the street in front of yours house and even in your garage.


The design of client`s tasks and projects consists of: scheme analyzing and synthesizing, circuit board layout, box design and manufacturing


Body design and producing for electronic devices. Design, optimization and product advertisement.


The printed circuit boards we offer can be manually manufactured or by machine based on special technology. We have intermediate performance machines for surface-mounting. We also offer a design of irregular details and boxes from various materials.


Drawling full technical documentation of assigned tasks and projects, product description and planning, manufacturing and advertisement.


Microprocessor systems hardware design for commercial or specialized applications.


Software developing (firmware) for already working devices and user interfaces of control modules.

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Hybrids are called all engine systems using different physical mechanisms ensuring motion. Nowadays ...


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EV electric vehicle battery management system

Most Important Fact About Electric VEHICLES

Posted by: admin Jun / 22 / 16

Electric vehicles (also called electric cars) are cars using engines with completely electric power. ...

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