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What Is Hybrid?

Posted by: admin Feb / 25 / 17

Hybrids are called all engine systems using different physical mechanisms ensuring motion. Nowadays this term is used basically regarding to vehicles powered by electrical system and internal combustion engine. Hybrid cars are only a step towards completely electric cars. By idea hybrid cars should combine the quality and advantages of these two technologies: internal combustion […]


Learn more about us and our activity

Posted by: admin Jun / 24 / 16

DEVELOPMENT AND MANUFACTURING Our team consist of experienced engineers. We are occupied on developing and manufacturing of electrical and electronic devices in the area of: • ELECTRIC VEHICLES – Battery management system – Charging station for personal and commercial use • Storing systems for renewable energy sources • Power supplies • Access control systems • […]

EV electric vehicle battery management system

Most Important Fact About Electric VEHICLES

Posted by: admin Jun / 22 / 16

Electric vehicles (also called electric cars) are cars using engines with completely electric power. In contrast to hybrids, electric cars does not have internal combustion engine. ЕIN CONTRAST TO THE INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES, ELECTRIC CARS HAVE FLOWING ADVANTAGES: better efficiency better torque noiseless low price per kilometer vastly simplified car maintenance-fewer and durable parts environmental […]