Start arranging the battery packs in ascending numerical order. Connect each cells terminal to the opposite terminal of the next cell-negative to positive. The negative terminal of cell №1 is the battery pack`s negative terminal. Begin with SLAVE №1 using cable bundle №1. Connect wire “-1” to the negative terminal of cell №1, and wire “+1” to the positive one. Next cell is №2. Connect wire “+2” to the cell`s positive terminal and so on up to wire “+12” (connected to the positive terminal of cell №12) according to the picture shown below. Continue with SLAVE №2 by using cable bundle №2. Connect cell`s №13 negative terminal to wire “-1” from cable bundle №2 and so on. If the available cells for any SLAVE are less than twelve, then connect all free wires, including wire “+12”, to the positive terminal of the last cell.

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The connection between SLAVE UNITS is built by “Slave” wires (written on their ends), and the connection between MASTER and SLAVE UNITS is built by wire “Master-Slave”, respectively connected.

If your CHARGER is TC-Charger, then connect the blue coupling “PWM Charge” to it.

Drive across charger`s and load`s wires through HALL SENSOR following the current`s direction!

Always use contactors and fuses for power circuit breaking!

The relay outputs have normally open and normally closed contacts. You can use it for different applications, for example: to interrupt the regenerative mode when the cells get charged or to restrict the car`s maximum speed when the cells energy store is under the undervoltage limit.

Always check the wires insulation and the connections between them.

For more details download the file.

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