Most Important Fact About Electric VEHICLES

Most Important Fact About Electric VEHICLES

Electric vehicles (also called electric cars) are cars using engines with completely electric power. In contrast to hybrids, electric cars does not have internal combustion engine.


  • better efficiency
  • better torque
  • noiseless
  • low price per kilometer
  • vastly simplified car maintenance-fewer and durable parts
  • environmental protecting


  • higher price for cars with same technical characteristics
  • low battery capacity, causing lower run with one charge
  • slow recharging
  • rudimentary charging infrastructure




  1. You travel less then 60 km daily? For most of the cars, which is about 80% of all, literally the passed kilometers in urban areas are daily less then 60 km. City type electric vehicles are absolutely suitable for this use. Fast drive few times a day. Event when using breaks, your car’s batteries are charging.
  2. Say Goodbye to your oil-station. The basic facility of electric cars nowadays is that is not necessary to visit oil-stations.
  3. Your trip with electric car is 97% more clean in contrast to ICE cars. Electric vehicles (NEVs) generate zero CO2 emissions. This way we can breathe better. This fact looks especially attractive for urban population, especially in areas where the hydrocarbon and nitrogen smog pollutes the air.
  4. Low drain for maintenance. We shall not forget that we load fuel once a week, change oil and ect. These days are going past, when using electric car. Just get into your car, turn the key and now you can drive.
  5. While you sleet at night, your car is charging from the electric grid. For less time we need to get enough sleep. For more electric cars and Plug-in hybrids is needed about 8 hours for full charge, which starts from zero battery capacity. Average time for charging is about 2 and 6 hours depending from the distances.
  6. It is necessary only few “horses” under the hood of the electric car so it can run like a rocket. Average there are less then 40-50 horse power under the hood of every electric car. But this must not be underrated, because they move extremely fast and quiet. This means that you can catch Porsche 911 and to read its registry number in few seconds.
  7. There is better torque graph. You will ask “What is this?”. Probably most of you are familiar with Roadster Tesla Motor`s. It can rich from 0 to 60 km/h in 3,9 seconds which is much faster then the most fastest car on the road. The other conventional electric cars which are not that fast are not your torque competition.
  8. Electric cars have beautiful design. There are few manufactures of electric vehicles who toke the thrown glove. Event that Toyota Prius is the most wanted electric and gas hybrid car in USA at this moment, it is “ugly” in contrast with the design of some electric cars. Of course it is absolutely to convert one beautiful car with stock engine into electric car.
  9. The government pays You to drive your electric car. In USA for example, The Congress allowed tax credit if you buy one electric car. It can be given a 7500$ tax credit for new electric car if it you buy it in 2011. Of course this is USA, but these processes are developing in Bulgaria too.
  10. You increase your independent. One of the advantages to drive electric vehicle is that you are not sensitive to the oil and oil-stations prices.

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