Battery management system - BMS

Battery management system BMS. This device is applicable for energy saving systems both in electrical vehicles and home systems. Chemical technologies of balancing batteries: LiFePo4, Li-pol, Li-Grephene.

Using BMS for electric vehicle

The battery management system is widespread in converting conventional cars into EV electric cars, hybrids, electric trucks, electric elevators, golf carts and all kinds of electric vehicles for road, water and air transport.

BMS for power bank

The system can be installed in domestic or industrial systems for the storage of energy from renewable energy sources – PV systems, wind generators, UPS and energy banks for places where not there is a supply grid.

BMS Electric vehicle


  • One year warranty period
  • Overvoltage/Undervoltage protection on each cell
  • Overtemperature/Undertemeprature protection on cell pack
  • Galvanically isolated RS-485 communication protocol
  • Cells pack temperature measurement and visualising
  • Monitoring battery`s capacity condition
  • Errors visualizing
  • Measurement and visualizing of current instantaneous value (±400А,resolution 0.1А)
  • Relay output protection
  • Control module + up to 12 slave units (144 cells)
  • PWM control of charger (0-5V)
  • PC user interface for system configuration
  • Passive cells management by preset threshold value





Battery management system



Battery management systemBattery management system
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how to make an order

To get full information about your order, please describe your request: Type of application you want to use the device for Number of cells you want to manage PLEASE USE OUR REQUEST FORM contact form.

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INSTALLATION MANUEL Start arranging the battery packs in ascending numerical order. Connect each cells terminal to the opposite terminal of the next cell-negative to positive. The negative terminal of cell №1 is the battery pack`s negative terminal. Begin with SLAVE №1 using cable bundle №1. Connect wire “-1” to the negative terminal of cell №1, […]

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