Plug-in hybrid battery kit

Plug-in hybrid battery kit

Plug-in hybrid battery : Prius, Auris, Yaris hybrid (HEV).

Plug-in hybrid battery kit is System to extend the range of electric hybrid cars brand Toyota and Lexus HEV.
Features of the system.
– 10kWh capacity of extra battery
– Maximum speed in EV mode 100 km / h

– Maximum range in urban 60 km
– 4 hours charging time
– Weight 83 kg
– 5000 cycle of battery
– 1 year warranty system

–¬†Fast and easy installation

–¬†Ecological and cheaper transport in urban

The system can be mounted and used in all hybrid models of the Toyota. It is easy to use and does not require special charging infrastructure. No upkeep and prophylaxis is required.

Plug-in hybrid batteryPrius plug-in

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